The “Nuclear and Energy” industries

SDMS La Chaudronnerie Blanche® is reputed for its participation in the nuclear energy industry as early as 1968, when it realized some of the sector’s first equipment. Since then, their expertise in the industry has continued to develop to meet the many constraints faced by the sector. SDMS is actively engaged in the TENERRDIS (Technologies pour les Énergies Nouvelles et Énergies Renouvelables Rhône, Drome, Isère et Savoie) center of excellence, particularly for the hydrogen and biomass sectors.

Some of our realizations:

  • Nuclear:
    - Armored chambers
    - Glove boxes
    - Motorized tanks
    - Reactor core vessel and internals
    - Packaging

  • Energy:
    - Chambers
    - Exchangers
    - Evaporators
    - Diffusers
    - Collectors
    - Filters

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