SDMS La Chaudronnerie Blanche® offers a range of new services to provide you with solutions for serial production and on-site installation.

New developments and serial production

  • Small and medium series
  • Objects 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 max.
  • Non-destructive series tests
  • No overhead crane, one trolley hoist for each model
  • Adjustable benches, no intermediary ruptures
  • Precise, real-time, paperless monitoring
  • Digitalization
20% savings on metal fabrication, 15% passed on to customer

On-site installation

  • On-site customer integration
  • Controlled environments (clean rooms)
  • Basic nuclear installations (French standard CEFRI-E)
  • Very flexible master craftsmen
Fabrication stops in our workshop...we install on your site.