For keeping up to date with the latest trends, regulations, research, discoveries, and for exchanging on a wide range of subject matters associated with our activity, from nuclear to physics SDMS La Chaudronnerie Blanche® is a member of many professional bodies. Our participation with professional bodies is an important way of reinforcing our reactivity and capacity to innovate.

The French Nuclear Industry (GIFEN)
This association promotes the expertise of its members throughout the world, helping them to develop their activities in new nuclear markets

Metal fabrication, Piping and Industrial Maintenance Union (Syndicat de la Chaudronnerie Tuyauterie & Maintenance Industrielle SNCT)
The union’s mission is to represent the profession and support member companies both nationally and internationally. The union is also a source of exchange and advice.

Partenaires Industriels des Grands Equipements Scientifiques (PIGES)
PIGES aims to federate around technical, economic and strategic themes, and to coordinate common actions, by creating privileged links with academic and institutional Partners.

Association des Industriels du Sud-Grésivaudan (AISG)
This regional association contributes to the economic development of the Sud-Grésivaudan area, working in partnership with the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry.